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Chef Joseph's Breakfast Favorites
*Try Our Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice*
sm. 2.99 / med. 3.99 / lg. 4.99
Chilled Fruit Juice sm. 1.99 / med. 2.99 / lg. 3.99

(Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, or Cranberry)
Eggs St. Christeen
w/ home fries, {make’em Yankee Fries $1.99 ex}
two poached eggs atop layers of hickory smoked ham, served over a fresh split croissant, and draped with Bernaise sauce
Corned Beef Hash 'n Two Eggs
with toast 'n jelly or a muffin (with 3 eggs add .99)
(Add Melted Vt. Cheddar Cheese to your Hash .99)

Danish Ham Delight (served w/ home fries)
3 scrambled eggs whipped with diced ham, served over English muffins then draped with Bernaise sauce
Bananas Supreme
Our thick-cut French Toast topped with fresh bananas, sautéed in Maple-walnut butter then dusted with powdered sugar delicious!!! Add on a Side of Bacon, Sausages, Hickory Ham, or Two eggs for $2.79 ex.
Belgium Waffle Breakfasts (Weekends only)
Choose your waffle either topped w/fresh strawberries (in season) and whipped cream or with one egg and either bacon, ham, or sausage (or if you prefer, a plain waffle only...$7.49)
Add Melted Cheese to your eggs or homefries for .99 cents or Bacon & Cheese for 1.99ex
Grilled Sirloin Steak 'n Two Eggs (served w/ home fries)
8 oz., hand-carved slice of our U.S.D.A. Choice Western Beef...(12 oz. $16.99)
served with toast 'n jelly or a fresh-baked muffin...(w/ 3 eggs, add just 99 cents)
Grilled Ham Steak or Kielbasa 'n Two Eggs (w/ home fries)
served with toast n' jelly or a fresh baked muffin...(w/ 3 eggs, add just 99 cents)
Bacon, Ham, or Sausages with Two Eggs and home fries
(served w/ toast or muffin) ( w/ Turkey Sausage inst. add .99)...(w/ a short stack of pancakes add $2.29)
Native Cranberry or Wild Blueberry Pancakes
(With Bacon, Ham, Sausages or Two Eggs add....$2.79)
French Toast or Buttermilk Pancakes
(With Bacon, Ham, Sausages or Two Eggs add...$2.79)
Two eggs, home fries, and toast or a muffin
(with a short stack of pancakes add $2.49) (add an extra egg for .99 ex.)
All topped with 1, 2, or 3 poached eggs, Sauce Bernaise (or melted cheese) & homefrys
Classic Eggs Benedict
over English Muffin with Canadian Bacon
Corned Beef Hash Benedict
over a split Butter Croissant
Mediterranean Benedict
sautéed spinach, feta & tomato w/Croissant
Southern Style Benedict
split Sausages over Biscuits
Northern Style Benedict
turkey (Perdue) Sausage w/Grilled Cornbread
New Colonial Benedict
Pecanwood Smkd Shoulder Bacon, over English
Breakfast Side Orders
Short Stack Pancakes or French Toast
(w/ Breakfast)
(a la carte)
Fresh Strawberries ‘n Cream
Side of Sliced Bananas ‘n cream
Homefries (w. melted Cheese .99ex) 2.49
Boston Baked Beans & cornbread
Two Eggs a la carte, any Style 3.29
Toast ‘n Jelly or Muffin
Hillshire Keilbasa or Ham Steak 6.29
Turkey Sausage Patties 4.29
Pure Maple Syrup (3oz. pitcher) 2.29
Side: Bacon, Ham, or Sausages 2.79
Side of “Bananas Supreme” 4.99
Maple Oatmeal or Cold Cereal 2.99
Croissant and Jam 2.59
Fruit Cup or Fresh Melon App
Grilled Nantucket Crabcakes 8.99
Corned Beef Hash (w/cheddar .99ex)
Side of Bacon ‘n Cheese Topped Red Bliss Homefries (on incl. H-frys...1.99)
or try our Peppers & Onions & Cheese topped home fries or Tomato-basil Mozzarella topped
Switch to your liking!
Switch your included Plain Pancakes to Cranberry, Blueberry or Choc.Chip 1.49
Switch your included Pancakes or 1/2 French Toast to “Bananas Supreme” topped
Switch your Corned Beef Hash to Turkey Hash or Sausages to Turkey Sausage
Hardy New England Breakfasts
The Hungryman's Breakfast Special
three farm fresh eggs, bacon, sausages, homefries, toast, homemade cornbread, and a stack of buttermilk pancakes
With Blueberry or Cranberry Pancakes only $1.49 ex. Top your H-frys w/ melted cheese & Bacon Bits 1.99ex.

The Lumberjack Breakfast
crispy corned-beef hash 'n eggs, with toast, our homemade cornbread, and a stack of Buttermilks or French Toast
Add a third egg for .99 ex.

The Montpelier
our Thick-cut French Toast served with a two-egg ham scramble
topped with Vermont cheddar, (top the Fr. Tst w/Sautéed Bananas Supreme $2.79 ex)

The Bostonian (top your H-frys w, Cheese .99 or w, Bacon & Cheese 1.99 ex)
scrambled eggs, hickory ham, & American cheese are stuffed into a flaky croissant, w/ homefries and a side of French toast
The Cape Codder
our native cranberry pancakes, served with bacon, ham, or sausages, and two farm fresh eggs, prepared any style
top your eggs w/ cheese


.99 cents
The Berkshire Breakfast
our Thick-cut French Toast topped with fresh baked Apple Crisp & served with choice of bacon, ham, sausages or two eggs or w grilled turkey sausages add.99
Chef Joseph’s Breakfast Special
(three eggs, bacon, ham, or sausages, homefries, & toast) (Add Cheese to eggs or fries .99cents)
Josephs Two Omelettes
made from three eggs, fluffy light, and golden brown. All served with toast 'n jelly or a homemade muffin, (with a Croissant instead add .99 cents)
add on a stack of pancakes (Blueberry, Cranberry, Choc. Chip, or Buttermilk) only $2.49ex
Try one of our Homefry Toppers $1.99

Red Bliss Homefries w/any Omelette

The JII Omelette
(Danish ham, mushrooms, onions, & 2 cheeses)

The "Western" (diced ham & grilled onions)
with cheese add 99 cents

Vegetable Omelette (sautéed onions, tomatoes, peppers, fresh basil, & mushrooms).
with cheese add 99 cents
Mushroom Omelette (Fresh sautéed, with sherry-butter)
with cheese add 99 cents

The “Denver” Omelette (flashed green peppers, onions & ham)
with cheese add 99 cents

Ham 'n Cheese Omelette
(without ham)
NEW Our Pecanwood Shoulder Bacon ‘n Cheese Omelette 9.99
Eggbeaters brand egg substitute or Eggwhites are available for an additional charge of .99 cents  
Columbian Roast Coffee with refill
Hot Cocoa, or a Pot of Tea 2.49
Whipped Chai Tea or Cappuccino 2.79
Cold 2% Milk(Choc. Milk 3.29)
Fruit Juices: Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, Apple, & Cranberry
Sm. 1.99, Med. 2.99, Large 3.99
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
sm.2.99 med.3.99 lg.4.99
Fresh Sqzed Lemonade 3.99
Iced Tea, Iced Coffee
Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange, Sprite, Diet Coke (w/ refill) 2.79
Breakfast Requests
Omelettes give us more Omelettesadd Homefries to any Omelette 1.29ex.
All served with Toast or Muffin
(Try your h-fries “Boston” Style, topped with MeltedCheese and Chopped Bacon only $1.99 ex.)
Florentine Omelette with Mozzarella
Sautйed Baby Spinach, Bacon Bits and Mushrooms!
“Yawkee Way” Omelette 4eggs
’Sauseeege, Peppers, Onions, ‘n melted Provalone (for you’s a baseball thing)  
Philly Steak ‘n Cheese Omelette (4eggs)
trimmed and sliced thin Prime Rib withpeppers, onions, and mushrooms...w/ melted Provolone
Meatlover’s Omelette (This is a 4-egger)
diced sausage, bacon, kielbasa, & ham, w/ AmericanCheese
Mediterranean “Greek” Style Omelette
Spinach, tomato, basil, olive, & both Feta & Romano Cheeses
Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Omelette 7.79
On the Healthy Side of Indulgence
Our Homemade Turkey Hash ‘n Two Eggs
with homefrys, toast & cornbread.
Whole Grain, low~fat, Banana Walnut Pancakes
with choice of Fruit cup, 2 eggs, or 98% FF Hickory Ham
Healthy Yawkee Way Omelette (w/ cornbread)
Turkey Sausage, onions, peppers, & touched w/ Romano Cheese
Multi Grain French Toast Breakfast
w/ choice: Turkey Sausage, Hickory Ham, 2 eggs, or fresh melon
Switch any above to eggbeaters or whites for .99 cents extra
Early Bird Breakfast Specials
Available daily 6:00 am ‘til 8:00 am
Add on a Sm. Reg. Fruit Juice only $1.49
1. Ham and Two Eggs, h-fries & Toast
(with Bacon or Sausage instead of Ham....add .79) Double your Meat for .99cents more
2. Pancakes (Buttermilk) & 2 Eggs or Bacon (Make ‘em Blueberry or Cranberry for 1.39ex)
3. Cheese Omelet (2 egg), h-fries, & Toast
(Add Diced Ham $1 ex.) (make it a three-egger for .99 ex)
4. Ham, Egg & Dble Cheese Sand. w/h-fries
(w/ Bacon or Sausage instead of Ham add .99)
5. Blueberry Pancakes w/Ham & 1 Egg
(with Bacon or Sausages instead of Ham add .99)
6. Grilled Kielbasa & Cheddar Omelet
(Diced & Flash~grilled Hillshire Farms...w/ Tst & Cornbrd)
7. Veggie Scramble topped w/ Provolone
Served w/ homefries, Toast & Cornbread
8. Our Cranberry Pancakes with 2 Eggs 5.99
9. Thick French Toast w/ Bacon & 1 Egg
(Double your Meat to 4 slices for only .99 ex) or (add a 2nd egg .99ex.)
Don’t forget the Soup
Take home a Quart Soup or Chowder (reg 7.99)
Ask your server, and we’ll have it ready when your finished
Special Price Available, Cold packed only during early bird hours!
Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy, (Safety for All!)
The State of Massachusetts suggests that consuming undercooked Meats, Seafood, & Egg Products may be unsafe
*Allergy Warning: Bananas Supreme, & Pesto items contain nuts
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